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Feel At Home In Our Trainings

"Welcome to Renshuu Company website. Actually we are honored to have you as a member in our family".


• As a matter of fact, you may ask “what is the meaning of the word

Renshuu?”…Ah.. Its a very important question.


• Basically, Renshuu company is based upon a very simple yet rather deep philosophy which is very crucial in learning new things or adding new knowledge, this philosophy comes from the Japanese word “Renshuu” which means “Practice”.


• Practicing anything – whether you are studying management or engineering course- is rather very important to make the information last for as long as you live.


• In our company its our duty to give you the best learning experience and the most friendly atmosphere; simply you will feel at home as if you are still calmly having a sip of your morning coffee while studying new thing.

About US

Our Mission

  • Renshuu seeks to create a more productive and happy society through practical training that serves the different needs of all stakeholders.

Our Vision

  • To be the most trustworthy training and consulting company in the field of management and quality.

  • To have the highst score in customer loyalty and satisfaction through providing the most attractive practical training.

  • To serve as an active catalyst for changing the way people look at training and increasing the awareness of its importance in changing the status quo.



Training Services

Public training 

Held around the country, these are regularly run and will provide perfect training environment you to network with peers. Getting your people into new surroundings can inspire them. New ideas can flow more freely, and they’ll come back energized.


(in-house) training

This option means the training is tailored to your organization and lets your people study and apply rihgt away. It also saves you the cost and disruption of sending your people away to train. Plus you can reduce the level of risk to proprietary and confidential information. 


Distance learning

Allows you to study at your own pace and whenever is convenient to you. It’s cost effective and puts you in control of your learning.



  • Our company is very eager to help any company to reach its goal through our diagnostic studies that show the company the right way to improve and at the same time we garentee the effective implementation of a short and long term plan to make you happy with the results.


  • We know how important it is to give our clients a personalised service, because one size never fits all. As the main point of contact, our Principal Consultants help our clients explore, plan, manage and implement changes to achieve results. 


  • We will be very happy to help all the startups with minimum cost as we believe in a future where all of us can grow into big companies.


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