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Our Mission

  • Renshuu seeks to create a more productive and happy society through practical training that serves the different needs of all stakeholders.




Our Vision

  • To be the most trustworthy training and consulting company in the field of management and quality.

  • To have the highst score in customer loyalty and satisfaction through providing the most attractive practical training.

  • To serve as an active catalyst for changing the way people look at training and increasing the awareness of its importance in changing the status quo.





  • Making a meaningful impact

  • Communicating directly and honestly

  • Delivering high quality training

  • Striving for continuous improvement

  • Respecting others

  • Accepting the challenge to be the best through continuous improvement practices.


Our Goals

  • To make learning fun, challenging and practical.

  • To develop our training and admin staff as a key asset of our organization.

  • To continually improve the quality and scope of our services.

  • To continually improve traineesí skills.

  • To be innovative by taking a creative approach to our training.

  • To be current by teaching the latest business practice.

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